Light Boxes


Light boxes are one of the best ways to attract a customer’s eye. The comprehensive range of styles and sizes offered by Cgate will suit most applications such as in-store advertising, restaurant menus, trade show, exhibitions and information panels, to name but a few. All light boxes are fabricated from the highest grade acrylic and aluminum, meet the strictest safety standards and have CE certifications. All Cgate light boxes are illuminated with high quality, durable LED lamps.

Cgate’s light boxes include the popular edge-lit, single and double-sided “Crystal” light box that is has a great value as a decorative panel, and the unique “Mirror” light box with its close up sensor turning a backlit poster to a mirror providing a clever option for adding advertising at a “mirrored” location, such as cosmetics POS and washrooms. As well as standard sizes, Cgate can supply tailored units as part of an interior design or for special applications.
Download Product Sheet  Material Safety Data Sheet

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