About us

Cgate supplies high-end products for the large format digital Printing, signage and display market

CGATE Group is dedicated to promoting high value products in the large format digital printing, imaging and signage industries.

We bring our experience and proven track record in the digital printing and signage industries.

Our team of specialists worldwide helps us guarantee that our service provides complete satisfaction and most of all, value for money.

CGATE simplifies the trading opportunity – we identify the benefits where our distributors and resellers profit.

CGATE invests in resources to identify products that meet the rigorous standards required in the industry. We qualify products, and offer the best price-performance.

With our growing worldwide network of distributors, our products are increasingly used in the digital large format and signage industries.

CGATE has become a major world-wide supplier for this industry, with over 30 distributors worldwide.



  1. CGATE works only with 1st tier manufacturers qualified over a long period.
  2. CGATE’s professional local staff visits and controls the quality of each vendor, and supervises every order. We personally approve both manufacturing process and product quality.
  3. The complete order process from manufacturing to packing and export is monitored by CGATE to ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly.
  4. We monitor the packing of goods into containers at any port of origin.
  5. CGATE provides a one-stop-shop service. Several orders can be included in a single shipment and invoiced together, even if the items are from different production lines.
  6. CGATE has long term and exclusive contracts with suppliers, ensuring maximum control and flexibility to meet customer needs.
  7. Consistency and quality of products are CGATE’s responsibility.
  8.  Customers are free to focus on their core business while CGATE takes care of the complex and time consuming details of logistics and shipping.

Most importantly, CGATE works continuously to identify new high quality products. New items are constantly being added to our portfolio. There are already a wide range of products manufactured to CGATE’s customers’ requirements and specifications.

Thank you for your interest in Cgate Group. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly